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About Ariel Investments

Patient Investing
At Ariel Investments, we’ve learned that one of life’s greatest lessons also holds true when investing: slow and steady wins the race. Chasing the speedy and glamorous, the trendy or hot is not the surest way to reach a goal. Just like the fabled tortoise, the symbol of our firm, we value patience and persistence over the fleeting and flashy. Ours is not a tale of guesswork or speculation, but of diligence and focus.

A Focused Approach
Many firms spread themselves across the entire financial services spectrum, dabbling in a variety of enterprises, but mastering none. In order to achieve our goal of steady, superior growth of capital over time, we at Ariel have always preferred to concentrate our efforts on research and investing. This focused approach helps us deliver outstanding long-term financial results.

A Long-Term Track Record
Since 1983, we have concentrated our investment selection on small and medium-sized companies whose share prices are undervalued. Over the years, this focused strategy has enabled us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge. Our expertise has served our clients well through a variety of investment environments.



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