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Custom Core® is a tax-managed SMA you can customize to meet your clients’ desired market exposure. Each Custom Core SMA seeks the consistent performance and diversification of index-based vehicles in a flexible, personalized portfolio. Custom Core uses transparent, rules-based methodologies and provides advisors with access to robust technology and in-depth reporting.


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About us

Parametric works with financial advisors to provide their clients with customized index-based portfolios. Our tax-managed Custom Core SMA seeks 1–2% in tax alpha and integrates with a number of our other capabilities, from personalized ESG screens to factors. Headquartered in Seattle, Parametric has been providing investment advisory services since 1987. Learn more at parametricportfolio.com.



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Parametric is headquartered at 800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2800, Seattle, WA 98104. For more information regarding Parametric and its investment strategies or to request a copy of Parametric’s Form ADV, please contact us at 206 694 5575 or visit www.parametricportfolio.com.




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