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Fund Research

In-Depth, Institutional-Quality Fund Research

Given we've been conducting intensive due diligence on mutual funds for 30 years, we not only have a deep, experienced analyst team, but also unmatched access to portfolio managers across asset classes. A subscription to AdvisorIntelligence includes full access to the fund research we produce to inform the portfolios we manage for our own asset management clients. For each fund we recommend or hold in our model portfolios, we provide a full suite of due diligence materials to help support your portfolio decisions and communication with clients:

Due Diligence Report

When we initiate coverage of a fund, we compile a full-length due diligence report, including detailed commentary on the fund's strategy, manager(s), portfolio construction, and historical performance, along with our rationale for recommending or approving the fund.

Sample AdvisorIntelligence Annual Report

Annual Reports

We provide an update on every Recommended fund on an annual basis, replete with updated performance figures and charts, portfolio holdings and analytics, and our continuing opinion. We often share conversations with managers regarding the investment environment, selected holdings, and portfolio construction. This constant contact with the managers we invest with is critical, as we seek to continually challenge our thesis and investigate any concerns. These reports should reinforce your confidence in recommending these strategies to clients, especially during the trying times that inevitably impact any active manager.

Sample AdvisorIntelligence Annual Report

Recommended & Approved Funds List

We maintain an extensive list of mutual funds and ETFs that have passed our due diligence process, with Recommended and Approved options for nearly every asset class from equities to fixed-income to alternative strategies. Fund details are updated monthly. We are continuously adding new funds to our coverage universe to ensure advisors have sufficient options when constructing client portfolios.

AdvisorIntelligence Fund Snapshot Sample

Fund Snapshots

We understand our in-depth fund research may not be appropriate for individual clients. We also make one-page handouts available for every fund we recommend or hold in model portfolios, updated twice per year. These snapshots distill our fund recommendations down to their essence but are still packed with pertinent information: strategy overview, historical performance, purchase information, etc. They are perfect for use in client meetings or as an internal resource when trading or responding to client concerns about a particular holding. 

AdvisorIntelligence Fund Snapshot Sample


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