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Investment Approach

Our proven approach to investing is deceptively simple.

We are long-term, patient, fundamental investors with an approach grounded in intensive research paired with a disciplined process. 

The key elements of our approach:

  • Long-Term Perspective. Maintaining a long-term orientation ensures a disciplined analysis of asset prices and fundamentals guides our investing decisions. At the same time, it gives us the confidence to take advantage of temporarily mispriced investments and the patience to wait to realize returns.

  • Global Mindset. Investing across multiple geographic regions expands our ability to uncover attractive opportunities and affords greater return potential with reduced downside risk.

  • High-Caliber Research. Our in-house investment research team draws on a deep well of industry expertise and a vast network to guide our investing decisions.

  • Discipline and Conviction. We set the bar high in evaluating investment opportunities, undertaking rigorous analysis and vetting, then acting with conviction on those we find compelling.

  • Superior Investment Selection. Widely known for our skill in identifying active managers, we also recognize the advantages of index-based vehicles for specific client needs. Tapping managers from outside firms, via mutual funds, ETFs, and private investment vehicles allows our clients access to a variety of asset classes and strategies, while ensuring we benefit from a high level of expertise.


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