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Our Service

An AdvisorIntelligence subscription includes:

Investment Research

Full access to the asset class and manager research we produce to inform the portfolios we manage for our own asset management clients.

  • Quarterly CIO commentaries and monthly market updates
  • Asset class research
  • In-depth manager due diligence
  • Our Recommended & Approved Funds List
  • Monthly fund risk and return analytics

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Client Communications

A complete suite of client communications to help you establish and maintain client relationships.

  • White-labeled and customizable quarterly client letters, client newsletters, and presentations
  • Redistributable tactical client communications

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Model Portfolios

Portfolios based on rigorous, independent research and a disciplined process that seeks the highest conviction before enacting any investment decision.

  • Static strategic model portfolios
  • A risk questionnaire to help you place clients in one of our five risk profiles based on a psychological and financial assessment
  • Modifiable investment policy statements for each of our strategies, with cover letters to support the onboarding process
  • Access to Alpha-Core models that use our proprietary funds
  • Real-time active and index-based model portfolios
  • Portfolio performance, analytics, and supporting materials

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AdvisorIntelligence Overview

This presentation provides a brief overview of Litman Gregory and the key elements of the AdvisorIntelligence service: a disciplined investment approach, institutional-level asset class and fund research, white-labeled communications, models that have outperformed over the long term, and more.

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AdvisorIntelligence Overview Presentation


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