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In-depth investment research and commentary from Litman Gregory and our Research Alliance

Feb 01, 2019 Research Alliance ESG Investing: What Comes Next?—OppenheimerFunds

We believe 10 trends will shape the future state of sustainable investing.

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Jan 31, 2019 Research Alliance "Don't Do It" Can Be Good Investment Advice—OppenheimerFunds

Investors who reacted quickly to late 2018 volatility may be regretting their hastiness.

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Jan 24, 2019 Research Alliance Amber Lights Flash at Davos—Guggenheim Investments

Should the mood this year at Davos prove once again to be a contra-indicator, this may be the signal that the economy is likely to re-accelerate soon and that the party in risk assets continues.

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Jan 24, 2019 Fourth Quarter 2018 Research Call Replay

Listen to a replay of our fourth quarter 2018 Litman Gregory research team webinar. Topics covered (among others): U.S. equity valuations, REITs, our conviction in European stocks, and managed futures performance.

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Jan 17, 2019 Research Alliance 10 Macro Themes to Watch in 2019—Guggenheim Investments

Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Global CIO, and Guggenheim’s Macroeconomic and Investment Research Group analyze the 10 macroeconomic trends likely to shape monetary policy and investment performance as we head toward a recession in 2020.

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Jan 14, 2019 Research Alliance Suffering Liquidity Withdrawal Syndrome, Market Gets Its Fix—Thornburg

It appears the “Powell Put” has been exercised as the Fed chief declares no “pre-set” course on rates and no “hesitation” to change its balance sheet runoff. But does the economy still need Fed accommodation, or do markets just want it?

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Jan 10, 2019 Research Alliance 2019 Investment Outlook: Exit Sandman—Parametric Portfolio Associates

What can investors expect in 2019—and how can they prepare? In our 2019 investment outlook, we share the global issues keeping us awake at night, from trade wars to monetary policy.

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Jan 04, 2019 Research Alliance CEO Jason Brady Looks to Fundamentals During Volatility—Thornburg

Thornburg president and CEO Jason Brady says it's important for investors to look at the fundamentals of a company during volatility instead of the headlines in an in-studio interview with Bloomberg TV.

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Jan 02, 2019 Research Alliance Amid New-Year Forecasts, Focus on Fundamentals, Not Endpoints—Thornburg

Year-ahead predictions of index and price points rarely turn out to be accurate. Directional and relative value analyses are usually better guideposts, all year round.

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Jan 02, 2019 Research Alliance Sometimes Meteors Strike the Earth—Guggenheim Investments

What would be a normal seasonal correction is turning into the worst December selloff in equities since the Great Depression.

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