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In-depth investment research and commentary from Litman Gregory and our Research Alliance

Jul 10, 2019 Research Alliance Debunking the Myths of a Model Portfolio Approach—WisdomTree

Model portfolios can help advisors save time that could be dedicated to their clients. So, why aren’t more advisors adopting ETF model portfolios in their practice? Ryan Krystopowicz debunks five myths about a model portfolio approach.

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Jul 10, 2019 Research Alliance American Century Investments Press Release

American Century Investments Hires Eduardo Repetto and Patrick Keating to Launch Avantis InvestorsTM

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Jul 09, 2019 Research Alliance Reality Bites—WisdomTree

The much better-than-expected June jobs report has the money and bond markets—and probably the Federal Reserve as well—in a dither. Kevin Flanagan analyzes the data to bring you back to a post-July 4 reality!

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Jul 08, 2019 Research Alliance International Factor Portfolio: Complementing Premiums—WisdomTree

A well-known anomaly among investment professionals, the "size premium," suggests a portfolio of small-cap companies—particularly small-value companies—would be expected to outperform a portfolio of larger companies over the long run. Matt Wagner examines an additional factor that can complement size: quality.

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Jul 03, 2019 Research Alliance No Heavy Lifting Required—WisdomTree

When looking at the money and bond markets these days, they almost seem to be saying to the Fed, “Would you please cut rates already?” Against this backdrop, Kevin Flanagan continues to advocate for a solution designed to help fixed income investors navigate the waters that loom ahead without making a high conviction bet on where rates are headed: the barbell strategy.

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Jul 02, 2019 Research Alliance “Freedom” Indexing and Marching for the Fallen—WisdomTree

On last week’s episode of the "Behind the Markets" podcast, Liqian Ren and Jeremy Schwartz were joined by Perth Tolle of Life + Liberty Indexes and Wes Gray, CEO of Alpha Architect, to discuss a new index inspired by “freedom” that Tolle created. During the latter portion of the podcast, they discussed the March for the Fallen, a 28-mile hike to honor fallen soldiers from Pennsylvania.

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Jul 01, 2019 Research Alliance A Quality Decade for International Equities—WisdomTree

Due to the strong performance of quality strategies—and the resilience of the factor during times of market volatility—capital has flowed into quality-focused funds this year. A lot of factor discussions are U.S.-centric, but quality has had a significant performance advantage in developed international markets. Matt Wagner discusses our International Hedged Quality Dividend Growth strategy.

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Jun 27, 2019 Research Alliance Filtering Out the Noise in Mid-Caps—WisdomTree

U.S. mid-caps have outperformed large caps over the past decade. According to the efficient market hypothesis, any excess returns are simply a by-product of greater risk. Matt Wagner challenges this theory with the decade-long track record of the WisdomTree U.S. MidCap Dividend Fund (DON).

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Jun 26, 2019 Research Alliance UST 10-Year… Where Do We Go from Here?—WisdomTree

After a Federal Reserve meeting like the one last week, it’s always prudent to take a step back and let the dust settle. Kevin Flanagan analyzes the U.S. Treasury (UST) 10-Year yield and poses the question: Where do we go from here?

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Jun 25, 2019 Research Alliance A Modern Game of Thrones: The Three Pillars—WisdomTree

Dr. Raghuram Rajan, former governor of the Bank of India, joined Jeremy Schwartz and Liqian Ren last week on the “Behind the Markets” podcast to discuss his new book, The Third Pillar: How Markets and The State Leave the Community Behind.

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