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In-depth investment research and commentary from Litman Gregory and our Research Alliance

Mar 27, 2019 Research Alliance The New Plastics Economy: Tackling Ocean Pollution—Eaton Vance

Our oceans are under attack from the approximately 9 million tons of plastic discarded in seas annually. With this reality comes the need for innovative business solutions from companies working to address major environmental issues.

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Mar 27, 2019 Research Alliance Upside Down…the Yield Curve Inverts—WisdomTree

The U.S. Treasury yield curve became inverted last week for the first time since 2007, a noteworthy development in bond-land. Kevin Flanagan provides some quick insights on what this means for your fixed-income portfolio.

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Mar 26, 2019 Research Alliance What Can Push the Markets Forward in 2019?—WisdomTree

On last week’s episode of the “Behind the Markets” podcast, Jeremy Schwartz was joined by Gene Goldman, director of research and CIO of Cetera Investment Management. The discussion ranged from Goldman’s role at Cetera to recent trends in emerging markets and macro data that might portend a U.S. recession.

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Mar 25, 2019 Research Alliance India: Observations from the Ground—WisdomTree

There are a lot of macro indicators we can use to track a country, but nothing compares to on-the-ground observations. After completing a weeklong trip to India, Gaurav Sinha shares the scale at which growth is happening in that part of the world.

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Mar 21, 2019 Research Alliance Infographic: 2018 Tax Refunds—Eaton Vance

Curious about the impact of the new tax bill on your clients’ refunds? Check out this infographic.

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Mar 21, 2019 Research Alliance Rerating the Judgment Factor Amid Smart Beta’s Derating—Thornburg

Turns out price matters for excess returns, and that what’s worked before doesn’t necessarily persist into the future. “Many factors aren’t real.”

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Mar 21, 2019 Research Alliance Don’t Believe the Hype—Osterweis Capital Management

Conventional wisdom dictates that recessions occur every time the yield curve inverts, but in our view that is an oversimplification.

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Mar 21, 2019 Research Alliance Video: Q&A with Carl Kaufman and Eddy Vataru—Osterweis Capital Management

In this short interview, Carl Kaufman, our Co-CEO, asks Eddy Vataru, lead portfolio manager of our Total Return Fund (OSTRX), to share his views about the investment-grade fixed-income market, including the significance of an inverted yield curve, the state of the BBB sector, and the likely direction of interest rates.

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Mar 20, 2019 Research Alliance Advisory Insights Winter 2019—Eaton Vance

Get the scoop on munis and more with our new Advisory Insights newsletter. Future editions and more insights will be published in late spring, summer and fall.

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Mar 20, 2019 Research Alliance “March”ing Out Like a Lamb—WisdomTree

Is the Federal Reserve leaving March by “going out like a lamb?” Kevin Flanagan discusses the outcome of this week’s FOMC meeting.

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