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BBH Funds Fourth Quarter 2019 Commentaries

Feb 07, 2020 / United States, Fixed-Income, International, Asset Class Research Research Alliance

While the market has had very long and very short spread troughs in cycles, we hope to deliver enough value from selection and sector rotation to keep up while continuing to follow our long-term credit criteria. Read on in our BBH Limited Duration Fund and BBH Income Fund updates.

With today's valuations and growing risks, owning a generic market-like portfolio has never looked worse. Protecting capital and generating excess returns through active management is more important than ever. Read on in our BBH Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund update.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's deal with the European Union, diminished fears of a hard Brexit, and a decisive Conservative victory in the UK election eliminated tail risks associated with a potential change in government leadership. Read on in our BBH Global Core Select Fund update.

We continue to believe that monetary policy has distinct limitations when it comes to influencing economic "animal spirits" in the form of expansion-oriented corporate planning, greater consumer comfort, and broad confidence in the rewards of productivity, thrift, and investment. Read on in our BBH Select Series - Large Cap Fund update.


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