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One of the benefits of our service is the flexibility in how advisors can choose to implement our guidance in their practice. We are honored to have worked alongside many of our advisor clients for decades. Here is a sampling of the feedback we've received over the years:

As a subscriber to AdvisorIntelligence for the past year, I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" for your cutting edge insights and the always professional demeanor by which you operate. I have been the beneficiary of your tremendous applications and sincerely feel that the valued relationships that I have developed within the past year with many of my clients is a direct result of your offering. Keep up the great work! Please know that I look forward to continued success with your organization and welcome any and all insights that you may have as it relates to helping one grow their RIA practice.

Matthew Casey — Registered Investment Advisor

While we subscribe to AdvisorIntelligence for your diligent and valuable mutual fund research, I have come to also benefit from the many other features your offer. In 2002, we customized the slide show and successfully presented it to a board of trustees who voted to have us manage a $5 Million account. Since then, drawing ideas from your models and specific fund recommendations we have demonstrated a competitive value to the client. In turn, they have recently entrusted us with an additional $5 Million.

John J. Malzone, CFP, President — JJM Financial Strategies, Inc.

No matter the size of your practice, if you're managing money and utilizing mutual funds, these are tools you'd be a fool to be without. Unlike most of the other research tools in the marketplace, these come from people who first and foremost manage money and their products are designed with that perspective in mind. These guys are grounded in research and practice management; they're horrible marketers, which is a plus in my mind. Advisor Intelligence will help you filter through the debris of information that we're all bombarded with. They consolidate it into an understandable and usable format. They've not only helped add discipline to our investment process, they've helped us communicate more effectively with our clients as well as run our practice more efficiently. It's inconceivable that an advisor could go out and economically recreate or duplicate what they are offering for such a nominal cost. The bottom line is these products will save you tons of research time, help you avoid making costly mistakes in your practice and more importantly they'll help you make better investment decisions and more money for your clients.

Mike Genovese—Genovese, Forman & Burford

Excellent site. The content is great, and I am constantly looking forward to the next piece, article etc. and how I can incorporate it into my practice.

James V. McGurren, CPA—Dartmouth Advisory

AdvisorIntelligence has enabled us to greatly improve our asset management services while simultaneously decreasing the amount of time and personnel needed for such services, dramatically improving our bottom line. Thanks to AdvisorIntelligence, we have better clarity regarding macroeconomic trends, market valuation changes and individual mutual fund performance and operations. We have never been more specific and proactive in managing our client portfolios. In addition, AdvisorIntelligence has better equipped us to communicate this timely information to our clients and prospects, resulting in improved client retention and an increase in assets placed under our management. We highly recommend AdvisorIntelligence for any advisory firm in the money management business—it has had a tremendously positive impact on our firm.

Matthew J. Morehead, JD, CEBS—Janiczek & Company, Ltd.

Thank you, thank you Litman Gregory! What an amazing resource for both the established FA and the smaller advisor building his or her practice. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the extent to which one of the most successful financial advisors in the country had opened up the doors to their practice. After a computer, AI is the most useful tool I can think of for a new FA to build his or her practice of advising clients and managing their assets. And as an established advisor I think your site will be an enormous time saver in providing valuable insights and content for client interactions. While the information I get from Morningstar is excellent, your fund due diligence in AI is obviously much deeper and more comprehensive and gives me greater confidence in recommending a particular manager. I also appreciate the ability to download and customize everything from a client newsletter to an annual client tax questionnaire.

Paul Solli—Aperio Group, LLC


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