About Us


Whether you are an advisor looking to fully outsource your investment decisions or are interested in an independent research source to expand your firm’s research capabilities, AdvisorIntelligence allows you to leverage the work we have done for more than three decades for our own wealth management clients.


Who We Are

iM Global Partner (iMGP) is a worldwide asset management network. Based on in-depth research centered on people, iMGP develops long-term partnerships with talented and independent asset management companies through direct capital ownership. iMGP is present in 16 locations across Europe and the United States and provides its clients with access to the best investment strategies of its partners. In addition to our asset management network, we have developed collaborations with other excellent asset management firms such as DoubleLine, Guggenheim Investments and more to benefit our AdvisorIntelligence clients.


How Do Investment Professionals Work with iM Global Partner?

As financial advisors ourselves through our wealth management group, we understand the needs and issues other investment professionals face. There are many resources available to advisors, but in our opinion very few offer well-thought-out advice and high-quality information that is of practical use. We believe we can do better.



Through AdvisorIntelligence, we share the proven investment strategy on which we have built our affiliated wealth management business. We share in-depth proprietary investment research and model portfolios, along with the high-quality client materials necessary to deliver advice with confidence. 

iMGP Portfolio Strategies

iMGP Portfolio Strategies offers sophisticated turnkey active and index-based portfolios through third-party investment management platforms. They are available to individual investors through investment professionals only. Learn more >>

iMGP Funds

iMGP Funds offers proprietary sub-advised mutual funds and ETFs that invest in only the most compelling ideas from institutional-quality portfolio managers. We seek to find distinct strategies in asset classes that offer the best opportunity to add value through active management and high active share. The strategies that the fund family brings to the market are not available through any other mutual fund. Learn more >>

(Not an investment professional? Learn more about how we work with individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations.)