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We use a modified advertising-based business model in an effort to offset development costs and keep prices competitive for our end users. Our sponsorship program allows certain fund companies to pay us for the right to contribute curated content to our website. Here are several important things our readers should know:

  • There is absolutely no relationship between our opinion of a fund or our decision to cover or review a fund and the fact that a particular fund company may be a sponsor. 

  • Sponsors are encouraged to share research and information about selected investment products they feel may be of interest and use to the advisor community.

  • We maintain the right of editorial control over content sponsors wish to post. We do this to ensure that we can keep AdvisorIntelligence free of promotional material and maintain a high quality level of content consistent with the rest of the site.

We encourage our subscribers with an interest in any of the sponsor firms to visit their areas of this site. 

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